New optimization 5 points to note

small often see in the webmaster community some people will ask why his new station has been on the line for a long time is not included, but when asked such questions, questions have not considered the quality of website content? Xiaobian that just for the line of the railway station, the original is very important, the degree of the original the relatively high easy to get the favour of search engine, which included in the site and given the progress of the ranking to improve.

Since the

algorithm after many chain Scindapsus, to optimize the ranking of the effect is not obvious, even the garbage outside the chain will be counterproductive. The new station is just on the line, do not go to a lot of can scarcely wait outside the chain, the chain from zero suddenly very short time increases to a certain amount, easy to trigger the abnormal mechanism of search engine, the search engine to determine the site optimization excessive. Once the site optimization excessive, the site will enter the period long, when the given rank is hard to say. Of course, for the new station, appropriate to send several high quality the chain is no problem, not only can lead spider, but also to accelerate the collection of speed, the weight of the website accumulation benefit. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng orders in the process of telephone sales skills

Hubei Bai Jie, the establishment of the company for two years, and love Shanghai, is a company that is developing the company products, network construction, 400 telephone, web site, if at the beginning he said "Hello, my company is, do you?" is the eight or nine to be on the phone. But there is still lack of fame, a skill at all. Citimex is love Shanghai Wuhan agents, is China Unicom 400 calls "

online a lot about telephone sales article, if you love Shanghai, a lot of content. There are a lot of books, video, telephone sales skills, any textbook is a superficial reform, here I explain my point of view, in addition to similar lottery skills are nonsense, as long as the process of profit through labor are can be divided into the standardization process, Shanghai dragon is so so, network marketing is a marketing entity, so the same telephone sales. Today I share the content, do not flow, so long, I have been alone, have their own team, the former is paving the way to shade the sorrow. If there is no outstanding individual performance, will not have the courage to write this article, well, don’t pull away, please see the below decomposition. read more

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Share eight kinds of construction methods commonly used outside the chain

forum posting

has become the soft promotion webmaster is recognized as the most effective way of promotion. We can put the soft Wen delivered to some big industry websites and news websites, the article was reproduced, which add the chain for yourself. Soft outside the chain and a mutually beneficial cooperation, access to the original content, through the soft industry website weight increase, webmasters may also get the chain visibility, traffic growth.

Links exchange here should pay attention to two points: correlation and high quality. If you do Adsense Encyclopedia of this site, you can find the relevant website and the webmaster exchange chain, for example, A5 is a very good link object. Do not look for selling down such sites to do the exchange, there is no effect, must be with your site correlation. At the same time, the weight of high quality chain is the important basis to choose the exchange of objects. read more

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Analysis of owners should be how to do outside the chain of Google

In fact, the chain

Google earlier is better, but as more and more webmaster to pursue ranking, the pursuit of high PR value, do a lot of garbage outside the chain, Google is making a difficult decision to remove a lot of irrelevant spam links, and gradually control quality of the chain so, Google chain threshold is more and more high, the chain of Google became Google update PR a direct reference.

look at the picture, this is part of the Google chain of Shanghai dragon and Lu Songsong why screenshots, screenshots can be found through the chain they have the biggest common link is given that most web sites and their related web links, you can also go to the next query mouchangqing blog Google chain, or query other industry site, can be found as long as the chain of Google has more than 70% links are related to the industry and website. read more

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Our pursuit of the highest realm of Shanghai Dragon – formlessness

first, I write this article is not to boast of what, also is not to discriminate against Shanghai Longfeng novices those low, I just want to learn some of my experiences to share, let those novices detours, of course if you master the Shanghai dragon will not need to read. Thank you for your support. There are different views also do not spray. The following point not to delay your time.

first secrecy, I believe you have seen "The Legendary Swordsman" this drama! What is the highest realm of sword?! formlessness. So we do Shanghai dragon is the same reason is very simple, do their own website, either inside or outside the station, whether the news or the chain, all from the user’s point of view, vital for the sake of users. Not for the optimization and optimization do not have to cater to the taste of love in Shanghai. Stick with it, as long as the user recognized you. Then love Shanghai will give you. read more

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EU privacy protection agency to suspend the implementation of new privacy requirements of noble baby

Fleischer said that the new policy will not affect the current user’s privacy settings, nobility baby does not collect user more information, just make the noble baby can provide more convenience and better use of existing information to the user service. The new privacy policy to more than 60 different policies of the 1 noble baby.

February 6th International reported that the European Union officials sent a letter to the noble baby, by analyzing the influence on the new privacy policy before the suspension of the implementation of the new privacy policy, but still noble baby without compromise. read more

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Different display formats on the novice webmaster search results (a)

fourth, indent list: indent list common mode in the noble baby, generally refers to when the search page appears two on the same site, giving the indented. For example, the first and third of your website, so in other search engines will be in accordance with the "relevant degree and the weights of the given analysis and judgment, and the nobles will be indented baby. Often the second words from the results right indent. It can determine the weight of a web page from this aspect, if the weight of the site is poor, would not have this way. read more

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Analysis there is no Shanghai dragon weight ranking has included no flow

: there is no weight ranking

web content can quickly be collected after publication, even some website dream seconds efficiency. Thus, for such a web search engine to give the weights are very high, otherwise the spiders are not 24 hours on the left behind the content page waiting for update. But the blame on the premise, search engines do not have right down why the primary key, even the long tail words are not good rankings? Binary analysis: the theme of the site positioning is not clear or not clear, resulting in the search engine to site categories for accurate positioning by. read more

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According to the analysis of love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon brother temper should do.

, love temper two high quality original article

note: the first A5, please indicate the source and author of the website: eye charts www.eyeaa贵族宝贝 thank you.

Three, the chain

please don’t use the "black hat" brother will be very angry, "what is the black hat? Tell you about popular" black hat "," black hat "refers to the use of improper means to optimize your website ranking. For example, hidden links, use of the code to link on the website to see others places, which are contrary to the user experience, love Shanghai in user experience for the very high weight, often through the "black hat" optimization of the website can get good rankings in the early, but later it is difficult to live in. Once the website is K very difficult to stand up. read more

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Shanghai dragon Er self breakthrough is more important than rivals

3, your resources less than competitors, and no new mining resources, you will always follow beyond the opponent’s back;

4, you are a tangle of people, you do not have their own technology for Shanghai dragon judgment, you will only absorb others or profound or groundless assertion;

9, if you are on the road to Shanghai dragon er at a loss, you have to believe in the past and the future is always different, you >

the latest love K station in Shanghai, Fuqing storm, Shanghai dragon blog view is that the world has never no reasons for love and hate! Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog recommended not to pursue those so-called fast ranking cheats, is a reason of Shanghai dragon and man, pragmatic and motivated people never get lost! The Fuqing Shanghai Dragon blog Shanghai dragon Er how to break through the self published 10 points. read more

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