For the understanding of Shanghai’s assessment of love

1, the website is collected, but no keywords ranking.

In 5, before the disappearance of the

1, show good content to the user

(be right down, K fell except only 1-3 months of the new station)

assessment period?

2, the home page, but the page has not included.

3, the new weight problemA new

Some of the Why is the determined by test

3, before it included the inside part of the page, but after second days or a few days gone.

love Shanghai performance assessment period

believe that many novice webmaster will build in the early site gave up their own web site, may be due to too many things, no time to manage the website; it may be because of their perseverance perseverance; or that this site is down right away or K love Shanghai and give up the site of course; some people is because the establishment of the website is just play.

2, owners of

we all know and love in Shanghai will have an assessment period for a site, but officials are not clear with assessment period said, so this is how to prove it? Of course, this is our Shanghai dragon counterparts through a large amount of data analysis concluded.

only a small initial weight, both the content and the chain are far from and operate the months or even years compared to the website. After the spider found a new website, without doubt that this website, for example: the content is original? The chain is to buy some other factors and so on?. So the emergence of the assessment period.

what is love Shanghai

home page keyword ranking is not stable, but the wave.

4, published by the Shanghai love reach the second, but second days without.

assessment period of the new station, called a "sandbox" love Shanghai also has an assessment period for new sites, there is a part of love is also called sand box, exactly speaking, this is the love of the Shanghai assessment period. In simple terms, because we are new, love Shanghai don’t trust on our website. As we go to the company to apply for a job, there will be a probationary period, in the trial period, the company will work on our ability, operation ability, character and so on to do a check, also, for the love of Shanghai, there will be an assessment period.

the Internet every day in the new site every day, resulting in a lot of pages, love Shanghai as the largest search engine, we must ensure that he recommended these pages are of high quality, is the user really need, rather than recommend some garbage page to give good show.


page included suddenly put out, but after a while they had No.

assessment period?Google has a