360 search will push open platform or with Google commercial

September 11th morning news, said the 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi today accepted Sina interview in 2012 China Internet Conference, will launch 360 search open platform, is currently evaluating the possibility of access Google’s advertising system 360 search commercialization.

360 will mature to Google search company, in line with the international business model, not to engage in PPC, to promote links and search results clearly separated." At the same time, Zhou Hongyi said will soon launch a search engine open platform, let the vertical search engine of high quality into the 360 search.

about 360 for mobile phone, Zhou Hongyi said recently will launch a new big screen quad core mobile phone, priced 1499 yuan. "360 special for the machine will be built 360 mobile phone market, the market is already the largest application one of the distribution channels, the future will access the third party payment company to make the 360 mobile phone market will have the ability to pay."

Zhou Hongyi said, now for the brand, the use of "360 search" and the domain name 360sou贵族宝贝 is not the ultimate brand, since there may be changes. "The problem of brand, our internal still debated, before doing two sets, half of them said Qihoo贵族宝贝, half of them said 360sou贵族宝贝. We will send users to collect and research, do further research to determine which sets the brand."

Zhou Hongyi acknowledged that some manufacturers have concerns about their special mobile phone, cable agents and sales channels are about the Bo said please, so no price pressure is very low, so the development of 360 will continue to look for new partners to promote the special for the machine. (Irwin)

Zhou Hongyi said, a lot of small vertical search quality is very high, such as the good doctor search inside doctor, Ctrip and elong search flights, public comment, watercress and so on. "360 small vertical sites welcome to cooperate with us, no matter what let users search, have professional results."

at the same time, 360 does not exclude potential competitors and Sogou cooperation. Zhou Hongyi said, MP3 search and map services in the future will not do, the 360 site navigation MP3 search Sogou provided by competitors. In the future we will also work with Google, Microsoft, Sogou and other companies continue to maintain cooperative relations, recently also announced a number of cooperation programs."

although we do a web search, a video search, a news search, but it’s not enough. A company can not put all the best vertical search." Zhou Hongyi said, the search engine is a distribution platform to distribute traffic to various sites, can not have accumulated in their own hands, but can not become a "search".