An idea of love Shanghai voice search


requirements of users

when we are still desperately knocking at the PC end of word search, love of Shanghai has been in the mobile terminal to provide voice search. The mobile phone is to sound the way search query is more convenient, the convenience of mobile phone after all typing on the computer keyboard and can not be compared. Voice search love Shanghai will bring a new feeling, it realized we enter search conversion to voice input from the text, although was first used on the mobile platform, but we have to look forward to a new way to search the future.

diversified search more in line with the

if you love the Shanghai text search is very strong, it is generally accepted. But for the voice search, we should be the same starting line. Love Shanghai to be the first to successfully launch the product, first of all is to meet the diverse user needs to search. This technology pioneered the use of the mobile platform, the user experience better, people can directly save typing is not convenient, directly through voice input and search query information and PC information at the end of this result is exactly the same, we want to see, but also to meet the large home access information habits. You can imagine, a voice search can be achieved in the future as PC. If the computer has this feature, I would definitely use, you would use. At least we can make the liberation of hands, and speak faster than typing, but also saves time. Now the search engine change only the search results in a breakthrough to show the way, such as search and so on more is the embodiment of social search results. Love Shanghai has now made a thorough search will change, but also very accurate, have to say now has been leading the future search way. Only considering the real needs of users, change is the most fruitful results.

strong technical support


love Shanghai after more than 10 years in technology has accumulated to a certain extent, especially the frame technology. Not only the accumulation of technology, the valuable wealth of data for so many years is rare. The voice is able to search the smooth end of the page search results to the voice search results, is the perfect combination of the mature Box Computing and new technology. If you do not Box Computing based, his voice technology is good I am afraid that can not do perfect. So, love has been in the Shanghai route is not neglected, he has always been a technology company, so the technology is all around Box Computing service. Only Box Computing the powerful technical support for future development, in order to make good bedding. We also believe that the love of Shanghai technology will continue to develop, will be more and more strong, will provide more products in line with the user. Now the Tencent WeChat, this is a very good technology, but there seems to be only in the use of mobile phone terminal, can not be transplanted to the PC side, it also provides voice technology. But love and Shanghai products to compare, transplantation capacity is weak, but also immeasurably subversive. Therefore, only the core technology for support, in order to make a powerful change.