The decoration industry Web site optimization strategy to share

2, 404 pages users are not careful into death, 404 pages can guide users to return to the station, to avoid the loss of part of the user

3, regional restrictions: a decoration company in Suzhou may not go to Beijing to meet the owners list?! this means that the decoration company website optimization should always pay attention to regional

3, the use of

1, the fierce competition between peers, "trip", stepping on the opponent computer;

is an industry decoration, has been closely linked with people’s life. Especially now the real estate’s hot, buy a house must go to decoration. To decorate, it is necessary to find the appropriate resources, so the decoration industry competition is particularly fierce.

do website optimization, it is necessary to carefully understand the company’s business, such as the cat is installed than do focus on the decoration decoration company, then the choice of keywords, not with hotel renovation, office decoration and other tooling related business, but a lot of mining and decoration related. Such as decoration design, decoration case, house decoration can have words to the station layout. Of course, mining the long tail of words but also from this direction.


in a Suzhou home, talk about the optimization strategy:

in particular, the decoration is a very limited to the region and industry, so the layout should also pay attention to the regional key account. Take Suzhou home cat, the business scope is unlikely to expand to the northeast, his main keywords for users to try to put it in Suzhou.

decoration company website how to optimize

first step: understanding the website business layout, keyword

1, the death of dead links in common after the revision, the death of existence will affect the spider crawling speed, it is necessary to delete links;

website optimization

industry decoration team is to seize resources, online activities of Internet era, more and the renovation team and the value of the Internet platform brings the customer flow. As a result, a decoration company official website, users can find the optimization, it is particularly important. Today we will give careful optimization of the Qing Yin decoration industry website.

The traditional

is the first limiting difficulty of website optimization decoration:

Repeat 2,

tag label for good on site is from the role of icing on the cake, the more common.


it is the new construction site, or the old decoration site, in the wake of optimization, should be carefully and diagnose the structure of the web site. Generally speaking, mainly look at several aspects:

content, decoration industry knowledge, so some matters needing attention, after all is said and done. Every day tens of thousands of decoration company, the content of these pseudo original, made out of something, it is difficult to achieve the effect of attracting appetite.