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multi channel gather customer resources

Great trees are good for shade.



many e-commerce sites appear low back rate customers, customer consumption goes away, after who doesn’t know, who can not find who. How to gather and retain customers is many business platform that require special attention, of course, to gather customer channels there are many, such as micro-blog, QQ group, can be very good to gather customers. As long as we do our customers together, when customers arrive at a certain extent, even less of the search engine, your business platform can live there are painted. No matter what kind of online marketing, the ultimate aim is to seize the customer resources, timely customer together, then you >

we can see no matter how search engines that toss, some big platform are seeing. Whenever the grassroots webmaster because the site is K and you will find the Starving people fill the land., located in the search results page are within the pages of some large sites. We can reasonably use this large site, is the so-called Great trees are good for shade. Especially for some enterprises, we can see many enterprises to the enterprise specialized platform has two substations, the functions are complete, free charges also have the. Different industries have different choices, we can reasonable use of these platforms. The probability of large platform being punished is very low, maintenance of these standby platform will be very good to reduce because of the impact of the master being punished.

for the grass-roots webmaster, if you haven’t started the door, just rely on a site like to grab a piece of driftwood in a vast expanse of water, and can not bring real stability. This piece of driftwood at any time are likely to make waves to swallow. The author thinks that without a certain visibility, you can first big net fishing. Classify the station according to the characteristics of your business, not only can reduce the share, and will be more conducive to Shanghai dragon on the long tail word specific. Some people say that this is not in fact no station group? The author says this model is not the station group, specifically station group, is a kind of formal method. Because the site is to separate operation.


for a site encountered by K, right down, ranking drop and so on is unavoidable. No matter what purpose of search engine algorithm update, for most depend on the survival of grassroots webmaster or to optimize for the Shanghai dragon Er, can afford to toss the ups and downs. Especially some of the regular electricity supplier site, site problems will cause a great impact on income. But in the face of uncertainty in grassroots Shanghai dragon how to give yourself a posterior

substation operation business segments