Analysis of enterprise web page optimization value for the enterprise stand optimization significanc

third, the research and analysis of enterprise web page value. First, enterprises should focus on the product and the enterprise information. Many enterprise website to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon day often pseudo original many copies of industry trends, in fact, these customers are very uninterested, because the industry itself dynamic industry portal or customer intuition to this industry has let customers have a very adequate access to information, just a little the website customer enters your site need to know your product information, your company’s recruitment plan, but see the industry dynamic big space to speak generally. "

algorithm with love as everyone knows, Shanghai upgrade current website optimization is not simply to send the chain, some contents can be finished, now love Shanghai for the website optimization details of the increasingly stringent requirements, so when we must optimize the sights from the surface to the point before and after the transfer, do website optimization establish, update and the chain can be said later only ranking comes, we must now turn their attention to the station page details, including the details of the specific page optimization, we should how to operate? Good gossip short continued, we enter the theme of today.

first, what is the value of the page. The value of the page is a web page must have a clear theme, again on the basis of this page can effectively meet user needs some. The author thinks that the concept of this simple concept can help us understand the value of the page, the page value for users to guide and solve the problems of user interaction, allow users to access the site by more valuable pages for search engines, high quality value based search engine page is indexed and included in the. This is why we want to analyze and study the meaning and purpose of page value.

second, value is the basis of study on page rank algorithms of search engine, the spider for a large number of web crawler and comparison, search engines will be indexed according to their own library, the complex algorithm, which is a sort of page value link is very important, often reflect the residence time, visit the page number, click the number of links in the user page theme. Analysis is often relatively high value of the page will emerge through these details, but also provides the basis for search engine indexing and ranking.

second, why should carefully analyze the page value. First of all, the development of the Internet more and more enterprises hope to obtain the first pot of gold through the Internet, of course, the enterprise management idea is very good, but with the increasing number of enterprises, also appeared many low quality web search engine with resort to deceit, the search engine database is limited, the efficiency of the spiders to crawl the page with web page constantly the increase and become more and more low, in view of this, the search engine upgrade algorithm, as far as possible to maintain high quality website content to grab for the low quality of the site to reduce crawl frequency and even direct neglect.