The chain of a blog like sad

fifth said a key link, the better. Is the watercress watercress group is also blog. Do not know to have you done this. Recently I have been doing watercress. The station is good and watercress group, >

brought outside the chain, must do the webmaster friends have such experience, survival and development, content is king, the chain for the emperor, to the emperor, we did not during the day and night fighting outside the chain on the front, and a blog is a good platform for the chain, but a high the quality of the chain blog, it is not so easy to be included, after all, people in the third of an acre, you said not to people through it, so today to share with you, I have experience in these small blog chain, a blog about my the joy and sorrow.

second to say that sina blog. As we all know, Sina blog, ranking is better, but this is the last thing before. The weight is high, included fast, so many webmaster who love. Once even if not original, but included quickly. But now, it is very slow, and you have to be careful about the link. In a word, the things people want to be polite, not so far is. A blog you will spend a lot of effort, so a blog is not easy than a website. Wake up is the chain, the chain is still in the dream, the so-called: Die for you, for your hard life. That is, the Sina blog brings me a lot of it is also popular, orders will certainly increase, there are bitter sweet, for peace.

fourth is the Sohu blog. Worse than the NetEase, alas, but still often go to update, after all they are big website.

said the third NetEase blog. NetEase blog, how to say, not bad, not too much included, I like this, do not know how we do, the latter does not do, not included, have little effect.

is the first to say love is the space of Shanghai. The reason I love Shanghai put the first, because I was the most faithful love is the love of Shanghai, from our own perspective, Shanghai love space belongs to love Shanghai products, so we use the most search is love Shanghai, love Shanghai for its products should be collected first, this is common sense. So my first blog to do is love Shanghai space. In fact, just started to do well, content to flow to the link, but with time, it is more and more not only, the link will be blocked. So, you have several months of sweat run off on this, it is painful? Yes, absolutely. Because love Shanghai space was closed, resulting in several of my website is depilated, included thousands dropped to 0, make you laugh and cry, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, you always think is their own, but why so cruel? After this incident, I concluded that the love of Shanghai East West, do not easily touch, touch also should pay attention to propriety, with links to things or a free bar.