Good professional skills ZhengZhan optimization = + good mentality

file to optimize the site structure adjustment I wish Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster people have their own unique insights, and the rise of new ZhengZhan Optimization Website structure adjustment may not be familiar with. Want to do ZhengZhan optimization of website structure adjustment, you first need to understand what is ZhengZhan optimization? ZhengZhan optimization with official explanation in the love Shanghai encyclopedia, ZhengZhan optimization is comprehensive optimization of a web site, including domain name space server, website structure column, Shanghai station outside the station, Shanghai dragon, dragon data analysis, policy fine-tuning, optimization of multiple aspects of user experience; keywords ranking is part of it, more important is to provide services for the final sales and brand building. You want to get more quality traffic the most effective and most direct way is to introduce a large number of keywords through the line, at least I have come into contact with the entire station project are basically like this. Usually an entire station project which contains at least 100 keywords, want these keywords to operate on-line, you will first need to put these keywords to optimize the site layout, how to layout the keywords? Usually layout is our two keywords, from the core of the web site keywords to different page three keywords, even four words, these words are not arbitrary and absolute set for, we need to have a more skillful understanding of the structure of the website, including the choice of keywords, keywords according to the degree of difficulty and the different content of "keywords to a different layout, as well as in the news page with how to make the long tail word formation the series is good. Do these work stations, ZhengZhan optimization your project is the most successful, but these do not work, ZhengZhan optimization will become very difficult to work. I took a whole station project for example, this site I optimize the total optimization of 120 words, in the process of editing these words I used from the layout of home column page – single page, I will choose the layout of the website homepage difficult words, because the front page of the site is part of the weight one of the most important site in the search engine recognition is the highest love especially Shanghai attaches particular importance to search engine. Keywords common editing in the column page and are usually accurate keywords on a single page or page layout. You also need to be set to the page between the return keyword layout, ensure that the entire web site directory backflow unobstructed, preferably not more than three columns: Home – >

in today’s Shanghai dragon market, ZhengZhan optimization of the heat rising, with the business of the company, engaged in the whole optimization is also more and more, of course, engaged in the operation of the whole optimization talent demand is also growing. If you want to have a space for one person in the whole optimization industry, so you need strong professional skills but also need to have good psychological quality. Next we will from three aspects to introduce how to do ZhengZhan optimization business? We can hope for some help.


first, website structure adjustment and layout of the