Shanghai dragon is what mean

fourth: Shanghai dragon can optimize

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third: Shanghai dragon optimization is not only allows you to get a good ranking in a search engine optimization, do good, the search engine can get good rankings, bring good site visits.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is free to improve the web site in the search engine ranking above the use of technical means, so there is a pay per click search engine keyword advertising.

Shanghai: Shanghai Longfeng odd dragon combat

Shanghai dragon is to adjust the website, search engine friendly, let your site more accord with search engine rules, so you can make the search engine to give the weight of your site and higher ranking.

as shown above: keyword ranking on the right side, there are two promotion for promotion, is obtained by keywords to search engine operating platform to pay ranking.

what is the meaning of Shanghai Longfeng simple, through the adjustment of internal and external optimization is to improve their own website, web site in the search engine ranking above, so as to get more traffic through search engines can make a means of promotion website profit.

: the first enterprise can improve the visibility on the Internet, so that more need for your product or service your customers will be the first time on the Internet to find you.

Shanghai dragon

as shown above: keywords ranking, snapshot time behind the website domain name address, and love Shanghai snapshot four words, which belongs to the search engine is a natural search results show, this ranking is by Shanghai dragon optimization means up to do, without any cost of delivery of search engine.

bidding pay promotion refers to the company’s products, services and other key words in the search engine promotion platform, through the keyword ranking is clicked to charge a fee on how much money, then click on the more, the higher the cost.

Shanghai dragon and the auction advertisement difference

(love Shanghai natural ranking, for example Keywords: what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon)

second: can bring precise target customers a large number of Web site traffic through Shanghai Longfeng optimization, can obtain customer consultation.

Of course what role? is what mean?

is the abbreviation of Shanghai Longfeng English, the name is English (Search Engine Optimization) is the search engine optimization. Shanghai Longfeng odd network training is in 03 years, to search engine optimization of Shanghai dragon in this piece, and began to study and engaged in the Shanghai dragon in this piece of work.

The internal optimization of search engine