Talk about the method of change and innovation force love Shanghai 2012.


now we search for some sites, some sites will sign ICO display, the ICO is actually love Shanghai for excellent content authentication, basically making the industry relatively large sites have been added such signs, the content of reliability, the domain name age, site size, etc. this information makes assessment of the current situation, in fact about this certification, a website as long as you persist, certainly love finally get recognized by Shanghai, which will ICO sign their own show out.

second: Shanghai Longfeng authority


the first point: new and old love love Shanghai Shanghai

love Shanghai, the first major search engines, centralized information, in recent years in continuous innovation, this article will summarize? In recent years, Shanghai love the change and innovation, when search changes, it is because our life brings change Shanghai new love, a new search, we do not bring the same views and information.

third: website icon

new love Shanghai home, bring us different feelings, I use the noble baby browser, new love Shanghai home, I used all the bookmarks on the home page, can not be said to be a kind of progress, when I want to find a bookmark can be directly on the home page click on the bookmark, after all is our own website the sites of interest certainly, this is a kind of user attitude and innovation. Every time the release of information products can always see the love of Shanghai is always in search here try to change, change yourself, change others.


fourth: real website authentication

directly above, we can see that when the 12306 last year, Shanghai has been in love with their own way, the website ranking in the first place, train ticket booking website, and only in this way only a web site so that everyone can see, love.


which is actually love Shanghai in order to bring the change of information, when love is released in Shanghai when the search engine guidelines, the premise is certainly no longer in order to cheat, and through the formal method to improve search engine rankings, content, content, content of the propaganda in place, well, this is the change. But every time we search Shanghai dragon, will prompt us to view love Shanghai search guide, this also shows that the love for the actual Shanghai fancy Shanghai Longfeng, hope that more and more real Shanghai Longfeng workers with practical action will do the website.

when we search the Shanghai dragon, there will be such a word