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and would throw fits if asked to eat anything other than string cheese or pop tarts. she kept it to herself, Minn. was charged by summons Wednesday Sept 27 with felony theft-indifferent to owner rights and if convicted faces up to 10 years in prison and a $20000 fineSullwold is suspected of unmooring both Vista boats the three-deck Vista Star and smaller Vista Queen from their docks behind the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center in the early morning hours of Sept 21 The boats were left unoccupied and adrift for several hours on Superior Bay near the Aerial Lift BridgeAccording to the criminal complaint:As the investigation into the vessel tampering advanced one officer remembered dealing with Sullwold earlier that night for alleged mischief in Canal Park including the alleged threat against the Club SaratogaSullwold was arrested Sept 22 by Duluth police on an unrelated warrant out of Hennepin County where Sullwold faces domestic assault charges During an interview with Duluth Police Department investigators the complaint states Sullwold confessed to the Vista Fleet tamperingSullwold "was particularly interested in as he put it the boats floating on the harbor" the complaint states "He also seemed to boast of his knowledge in boats"Assistant St Louis County Attorney Jon Holets said Thursday that there have been no other referrals made to the county attorney’s office for the other alleged Canal Park incidents outlined in the criminal complaintNarrow missThe complaint describes a narrow brush that occurred between the 66-foot Vista Queen and the 730-foot lake freighter John D Leitch which was making entry into the Duluth ship canal while the Vista vessels were adriftAccording to the complaint the crew of the Leitch was notified of the unmanned vessels by the Aerial Lift Bridge operator who’d also called 911 to report the situation"The Leitch attempted to slow but given her size she continued through the Duluth ship canal where the Vista Queen lay in her path As the Vista Queen was boarded the Leitch unable to stop or divert course bore down on the abandoned vessel narrowly missing the Queen endangering the rescuers and crew of the Leitch" the complaint states A combined emergency response from the US Coast Guard the Duluth Fire Department and two Vista Fleet employees "who were able seamen capable of piloting the empty vessels" ferried the vessels back to dockBecause the crime occurred "in such a historic iconic and important area" said the complaint police had access to "a plethora of video" including one disseminated widely by media of a sole suspect on shore leading the Vista Queen down the Minnesota Slip under the Minnesota Slip Bridge and out into the open waterThe Vista Star and Vista Queen were recovered without apparent damageSullwold’s first appearance in court is set for Oct 31 He had been held in both the St Louis and Hennepin county jails in the wake of the Vista Fleet incident but was not being held in either facility as of Thursday morning" Pieper said,5 km/h (2. the average walking speed in British shopping centres is 4. learning English,NT Obama’s 2013 State of the Union’s address: “Real reform means strong border security" Limke said. Ms.

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several family members asked Roof to look at them. 59; and Daniel Simmons Sr. 74Roof representing himself during the penalty phase presented no evidence and did not argue that his life be sparedFelicia Sanders 59 witnessed the death of her son and fellow churchgoers gathered to study Scripture Holding her bloodstained Bible she told Roof she no longer felt comfortable closing her eyes to pray after he opened fire during a benediction"You’re in my head every day" she said "Yes I forgave you That was the easiest thing I had to do But you can’t help someone who won’t help themselves"The charges which were delivered to Zimmerman through a summons on Thursday allege he "willfully maliciously and repeatedly" cyberstalked and harassed the private investigator who had contacted Zimmerman in September on behalf of Michael Gasparro who produced the film series alongside the rapper Jay Z according to court documentsThe private investigator told Seminole County Sheriff’s Office deputies that he sent Zimmerman a text message and left him a voicemail last September in which he explained the film series and asked Zimmerman if he wanted to be involved The private investigator also gave Zimmerman Gasparro’s number and Zimmerman called Gasparro shortly after They chatted about the documentary according to court documents which will be about Martin’s life and death for which Zimmerman was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter On July 13 2013 Zimmerman was acquitted by a Florida juryOutside of the initial text and voicemail the private investigator made no further attempts to speak or meet with Zimmerman deputies wrote in a warrant requestThen on Dec 13 the private investigator heard back from Zimmerman Gasparro called the private investigator to tell him Zimmerman was "extremely agitated" and sending Gasparro threatening messages according to the warrant request"[The private investigator] is a [expletive] WHO BOTHERED MY UNCLE IN HIS HOME Local OR former law officer He’s well on his way to the inside of a gator as well 10-4" Zimmerman wrote to Gasparro according to the warrant requestA few days later Zimmerman began contacting the private investigator directly About 21 phone calls 38 text messages and 7 voicemails were sent to him in just over a 2 1/2-hour window Threats included expletives and statements such as "I’ll see you before you realize it" according to the warrant request The private investigator concerned about his safety and that of his family contacted the sheriff’s officeA deputy wrote in the warrant request that he advised the private investigator to send Zimmerman a single text message asking him to stop contacting him – and that if he didn’t the private investigator would involve law enforcement officials The private investigator sent the message to which Zimmerman responded "No" and "Pursue charges" according to the warrant request "Text me again I’ll show up at your home you [expletive]!"The private investigator also told deputies that Zimmerman sent him a link to a news article on TheBlastcom in which he was quoted as saying "I know how to handle people who [expletive] with me I have since February of 2012" The comment was a reference to Martin’s killingThe article also quotes Zimmerman as saying "Anyone who [expletive] with my parents will be fed to an alligator" It wasn’t Zimmerman’s first alligator-related threat toward someone involved with the documentary: He made a similar threat to Jay Z himself"What I said is I would beat him as if I was Solange and he would find himself coming out of the south side of a gator if he comes to Florida and bothers my family" Zimmerman told the Orlando Sentinel in December He was referencing how Solange the sister of Beyonce – who is married to Jay Z – was captured in an elevator surveillance video hitting Jay Z after the 2014 Met GalaBetween Dec 16 2017 and Christmas Day the private investigator received 55 phone calls 67 text messages 36 voicemails and 27 emails from Zimmerman according to the warrant request This led Sheriff’s Sgt Shannon Seiple – who had met Zimmerman before – to give him a call on Jan 3 to confirm the calls and messages were in fact coming from Zimmerman himselfZimmerman answered asking "Who is this" according to the warrant request Seiple identified herself to which Zimmerman responded "You [expletive] what do you want" and "What are you calling me for you [expletive]" according to the warrant request Seiple explained she was calling in reference to Zimmerman’s calls to the private investigator Zimmerman "Continued to scream profanity" according to the warrant request"You are the [expletive] blonde [expletive] who arrested me on Samantha" Zimmerman allegedly told Seiple "You have been involved with me since that Martin kid"The sheriff’s deputies confirmed it was Zimmerman who was on the phone and requested he be charged according to court documentsSince his acquittal Zimmerman has been embroiled in public controversies A blatant example came in October 2015 when he retweeted a photograph of Trayvon Martin’s slain body The original tweet read "Z-man is a one-man army" Following media outrage Zimmerman claimed he wasn’t aware the tweet included a photograph according to The Washington Post’s Travis M Andrews with some seen trying to hide the sniggers at how wonderfully un-British this element of the day was.