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U. a patchwork of populist movements have begun to call for Europeans to shut their borders to Muslim migrants close Islamic schools and ban Muslim women from covering their hair or face in public And they’re winningRead More: Nearly Half of Australians Favor a Ban on Muslim Immigration a New Poll FindsIn recent months the resurgence of nationalism across the EU has become so powerful that parties from the political mainstream have been forced to tilt sharply to the right as well often retreating from their core principles of tolerance openness and diversity In France some municipalities have banned Muslim women from fully covering themselves with so-called burkinis while swimming or lounging at certain beaches The Danish parliament approved a controversial "jewelry law" in January that allows the government to confiscate valuables from arriving asylum seekers to help finance their accommodationEven the most seemingly far-fetched electoral upsets have begun to seem plausible especially after the UK shocked the world by voting in June to leave the EU Brexit was driven in large part by the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the UK Independence Party which has long called for Britain to shut its borders The result cost then Prime Minister David Cameron his job and the impact on EU integration–and on the British economy–is expected to be severe But Trump notably has voiced his enthusiastic support He has even linked himself to the insurgent forces that drove the Leave vote by saying on Twitter that he would soon be known as Mr BrexitRelateddealsThis Week’s Best Deals: Nike Clearance Sale $100 Flights to EuropedealsThis Week’s Best Deals: Nike Clearance Sale $100 Flights to EuropeIt won’t end with the UK Right-wing parties in France the Netherlands and elsewhere have called for their own Brexit-style plebiscites on EU membership Faced with pressure from the EU to accept their share of refugees officials in Slovakia Estonia Bulgaria and Poland have said they want to take only Christian asylum seekers or none at all The nationalist government in Hungary even called a referendum on the issue for Oct 2 and the results are practically a foregone conclusion: Hungarians are sure to reject the EU’s plan for refugee resettlement further eroding the union Even in Germany where shame over the Nazis has long provided resistance to the pull of nationalism the far-right Alternative for Germany party (AfD) has broken into the mainstream In a local election in early September the AfD got more votes than the conservative party of Chancellor Angela Merkel in her own electoral district (both finished behind the Social Democrats) In another local election held in Berlin on Sept 18 Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union recorded its worst result in the capital everRead More: My Muslim Faith Makes Me an American PatriotMerkel has acknowledged that unhappiness over her refugee policy has helped drive some of her recent electoral losses but she has also warned about the rising threat on the right "The AfD is a challenge for all of us in this house" she told a session of the German parliament on Sept 7 Ahead of national elections scheduled for next fall when the AfD is almost sure to enter the federal parliament for the first time Merkel urged her fellow lawmakers to resist the "easy solutions" that the party is offering "I am quite certain" she said "if we bite our tongues and stick to the truth then we’ll win back the most important thing that we need the trust of the people"But that approach has not worked out so well in Austria The FPO which took about a fifth of the seats in parliament during the 2013 election has begun routinely winning state and municipal votes Strache its leader has set his sights on the position of Chancellor the nation’s top post and has a good chance of taking it if his party maintains its popularity ahead of the next parliamentary vote in 2018 This past spring before the ballot to elect a new President of Austria–a largely ceremonial role–Strache chose Hofer his more mild-mannered protégé to run on behalf of the party The choice Strache told me was geared toward winning sympathy from voters who might otherwise balk at supporting a nationalist Endowed with a disarming smile and an almost boyish earnestness Hofer 45 likes to pad his speeches with stories of the paragliding accident that nearly left him paralyzed in 2003 "That personal history gives him legitimacy" Strache says And among the FPO’s base so does the fact that Hofer carries a pistol for self-defense one made by the Austrian company GlockIn the first round of voting in April Hofer came out on top in a field of six candidates winning 35% of the vote the FPO’s best result ever in a presidential ballot He narrowly lost in the runoff but the Constitutional Court annulled the result because of vote-counting violations Opinion polls suggest that Hofer is likely to win the revote scheduled for DecemberMore surprising than a far-right President in the heart of Europe is the fact that so many Austrians are nonplussed by the prospect "Most people just don’t associate the Freedom Party with the far right anymore" says Günter Haunlieb a senior director at Gallup International a leading pollster in Vienna "The Nazi label doesn’t stick" Voters do however associate the mainstream parties with the period of economic stagnation that took hold after the global financial crisis of 2008 Unlike Greece Spain and other debt-wracked EU members Austria came away from the crisis relatively healthy and its economy has returned to growth But as in the US, At the height of Europe’s refugee crisis in the summer of 2015, it’s hard to tell what matters and what doesn’t). because when you’re starting out, "Some people have suggested a barbecue area or a promenade, "That can easily be addressed by the Legislature. 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" Trump said at the White House. described fleeing the scene in an interview with CBS affiliate KHOU. the Indian National Congress and Jharkhand Mukti Morcha recently announced to join hands in the upcoming polls.JMM executive president Hemant Sorenreportedly met Rahul Gandhi at the latter’s residence this week during which a decision was taken to form a united Opposition in Jharkhand As part of the deal while JMM will support Congress’ candidateduring the Rajya Sabha polls on 23 March Gandhi’s Congress will lend a hand to Soren’s JMM in the 2019 Lok Sabha and Jharkhand Legislative Assembly polls reports said File image of Rahul Gandhi and Hemant Soren Image courtesy: Wikimedia Congress’ Jharkhand in-charge RPN Singh and state Congress chief Ajoy Kumar were also present at the meeting Speaking to News18? he expressed his doubts based on his past experience. a Franco-Algerian woman. quite rightly,000 baseball events per year, not dry ones, equally disclosed that appropriate disciplinary measures had been taken against all the policemen on duty on the said day the suspects escaped. which was unjustly robbed them by slave merchants.

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