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Take it easy. told AP it appears Tuesday’s geomagnetic storm seemed mostly to miss the earth so that the aurora borealis likely wouldn’t be visible very far south He said the northern lights being viewed in the United Kingdom likely were part of normal solar activity and not from the solar stormEven experienced stargazers were stunned by the intensity of the aurora borealis that swept across the night sky in northern Scandinavia after the biggest solar flare in six years"It has been absolutely incredible" British astronomer John Mason cried from the deck of the MS Midnatsol a cruise ship plying the fjord-fringed coast of northern Norway"I saw my first aurora 40 years ago and this is one of the best" Mason told AP his voice nearly drowning in the cheers of awe-struck fellow passengers "It was the biggest northern lights I’ve seen in the five-six years that I’ve worked here" said Andreas Hermansson a tour guide at the Ice Hotel in the Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi above the Arctic CircleA solar eruption is followed by a one-two-three punch Antti Pulkkinen a physicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland and Catholic University told APFirst comes electromagnetic radiation followed by radiation in the form of protonsThen finally the coronal mass ejection — that’s the plasma from the sun itself — hits Usually that travels at about 16 or 32 million km per hour but this storm is particularly speedy and is shooting out at 64 million km per hour Biesecker saidWhile the geomagnetic part of the solar eruption — which happened around midnight CST Sunday — was more of a fizzle another earlier part of the sun’s outburst was more powerfulOn Monday and Tuesday the proton radiation from the eruption reached strong levels the most powerful since October 2003 That mostly affects astronauts and satellites but NASA said the crew on the International Space Station was not harmed and only a few minor problems with satellites were reported Biesecker saidA few airliners across the Arctic were re-routed to avoid any possible communications problemsOn the northern edge of Europe where auroras are common the sky lit up after nightfall Tuesday A webcam from Abisko northernmost Sweden showed bright bands of green sweeping across the starry skyGeomagnetic storms cause awesome sights but they can also bring trouble According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration problems can include current surges in power lines and interference in the broadcast of radio TV and telephone signals No such problems were reported TuesdayScientists have been expecting solar eruptions to become more intense as the sun enters a more active phase of its 11-year cycle with an expected peak in 2013But in recent years the sun appeared quieter than normal leading scientists to speculate that it was going into an unusually quiet cycle that seems to happen once a century or soPeter Richardson a 49-year-old bar manager and part-time poet at the 17th-century Tan Hill Inn in northern England said the pub — normally dead on a Monday night in January — was thronged until the wee hours of the morning with people who came to look at the lights"I just thought: ‘Oh my God this is just absolutely amazing’" he said "You do get a lot of spectacular skylines out here but that was just something out of the ordinary Very different"Ken Kennedy director of the Aurora section of the British Astronomical Association said the northern lights may be visible for a few more daysThe Canadian Space Agency posted a geomagnetic storm warning Tuesday after residents were also treated to a spectacular show in the night sky According to the Daily Telegraph in Great Britain in 1859 one huge flare burned out telegraph wires across Europe and the United States" The so-called ‘Carrington flare’ named after its discoverer ‘smothered two-thirds of the Earth’s skies in a blood-red aurora a night later and crippled all global navigation and global communication such as it was at that time Compasses spun uselessly and the telegraph network went down as phantom electricity surged through the wire’ according to Dr Stuart Clark author of The Sun Kings In 1989 a solar storm shut down electrical power grids in Quebec for nine hours causing hundreds of millions’ worth of dollars in lost revenue65Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked Tuesday afternoon before quickly being recovered 15 minutes later. England in 2012." Ernst said." Obama asked."You have to look at it," Hagel added.