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"And there should be some form of equipment to move themselves independently. said the recommendations were "a more practical look at some of the things we should be doing … They’re making recommendations within the realm of the possible" From Robert Socolow of Princeton University: I think the presentation of adaptation first and mitigation second may prove salutary It may enable the restarting of the discussion (Rosina Bierbaum [a PCAST member and professor at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor] called it the "conversation") about climate change The current situation where the conversation is completely muffled is not healthy for the US political process By beginning with adaptation the conversation resides principally in familiar concerns because the overlap of threats from climate threats and threats we already deal with is large This may reduce resistance to the message that climate change is not something we should hide from Strategies to adapt to climate change will dovetail with the current policies and practices that deal with variability and will be understood as more of the same rather than something alien We already have serious heat waves and droughts and storms and there are many processes in place at every level of government to deal with them It will be clear that for the most part climate change is bringing more of what we already know and suffer from We will not need to ask exactly how much more how quickly We have reason to improve what we are already doing about devastation from nature’s nastiness so that many responses will be "no regrets" actions—actions that would make sense even if there were no climate change effects—such as "rebuilding smartly" (Dan Schrag’s phrase) In this category as explained by Schrag are reforms in infrastructure insurance flood plain zoning agricultural research and water management Because the overlap is not perfect the public will be educated indirectly that the threats we already know are not exactly the same as those associated with climate change The earthquake hazard is not going to be enhanced or diminished by climate change (ignoring induced seismicity associated with the energy system and some mitigation strategies) On the other hand sea level rise is the prime example of a consequence of climate change that has not been part of the history of adaptation so it brings us into new territory I note that a continued significant effort on CCS was endorsed I was pleased to see this It was couched in terms of a response to the likelihood that coal will not disappear from our energy mix and will need to be dealt with as part of a full-system approach to climate change By calling for re-energizing CCS development PCAST is making two judgments: 1) that the coal industry is highly likely to remain competitive even as it complies with EPA restrictions on emissions of SOx NOx Hg and other toxics; and 2) that a substantial price on carbon is highly likely to arrive in a time frame of relevance for a CCS development effort Via e-mails a side discussion developed on the issue of whether the US government should do more to regulate non-CO2 greenhouse gases begun by Michael MacCracken of the Climate Institute in Washington DC: In my view the most important omission related directly to science and technology aspects of the greenhouse gas issue is the failure to point out the tremendous opportunity that exists to limit warming over the next few decades by imposing strong mandatory controls of short-lived warming agents (so methane black carbon and tropospheric ozone) The 2011 UNEP/WMO assessment and the related article by Shindell et al in Science in 2012 indicate that an aggressive program to limit emissions of these substances could relatively inexpensively cut projected warming between the present and 2050 in half while also having tremendous co-benefits for health air quality and improved energy efficiency in the US and around the world Just over a year ago Secretary of State Clinton launched an international initiative to promote this approach and it has won an increasing number of adherents helping to build international attention and action Yet the approach is unfortunately not even mentioned in the PCAST recommendations (and our country really needs to step up to the plate and demonstrate leadership in this area) Carbon dioxide is not the only warming agent—we certainly have to move to limit its emissions but we also certainly have to limit emissions of the short-lived warming agents and doing so now needs to be a very high priority Pierrehumbert disagrees: PCAST was right to leave out short lived climate pollution Controlling short lived climate pollution has essentially zero value until we are already on a track to get CO2 emissions down to essentially zero The UNEP reports that purport to show otherwise give a misleading impression by assuming the world ends in 2070 by failing to adequately take into account co-emittent of brown carbon (ie not really many strategies available to reduce soot alone) and by failing to ask the question of whether one could do better by ignoring short lived stuff for 50-100 years and putting the resources into CO2 reduction instead PCAST seems to understand this point really well and they were right not to distract attention from CO2 MacCracken responds: Ray—Well we will just have to continue to disagree strongly on this I am all for addressing CO2 and long-term change but it makes no sense at all to be having continued positive radiative forcing from methane for example while we are waiting to get CO2 under control The black carbon part does have some compensation so one has to prioritize going after the sources that are virtually all black carbon (so diesel engines etc) But allowing a warming influence to go on whatever it is makes no sense at all Cutting CO2 emissions changes the warming path mostly starting in the second half of the century—the only way to do anything over the next few decades is to go after short-lived species not instead of CO2 but in addition * Correction 5:30 pm: It was originally reported incorrectly that the report "declined to mention" pricing carbon The report declined to recommend this step The sentence that refers to this has been changed and a quote from the report added By Sarah Marsh and Nelson Acosta HAVANA (Reuters) – More than 100 people were killed in a fiery crash of a Boeing 737 passenger plane in Cuba on Friday with just three seriously injured survivors in hospital after being pulled from the wreckage officials and state media said The aircraft on a domestic flight to Holguin in eastern Cuba crashed shortly after taking off from Havana at 11 am (1500 GMT) There were either 104 or 105 passengers including five children plus nine crew members various state media said "We should expect that the news will not be good as there are a high number of people who appear to have been killed" President Miguel Diaz-Canel said in broadcast comments The fire from the crash had been put out and authorities were identifying bodies the president said The cause of the crash was not immediately known and Diaz-Canel said authorities were investigating The Boeing 737-201 aircraft was built in 1979 and leased by Cuban airline Cubana from a small Mexican firm called Damojh according to the Mexican government That would make it significantly older than most planes in service Damojh in Mexico said it did not immediately have any more information Cubana declined to comment Cubana has been the subject of complaints over service and delays in recent months according to state media Wreckage of Flight CU972 was strewn over the crash site area 20 km (12 miles) south of Havana a Reuters witness said and blackened parts of the fuselage were visible Its destination Holguin is the capital of a province that is popular with tourists for its pristine beaches "We heard an explosion and then saw a big cloud of smoke go up" said Gilberto Menendez who runs a restaurant near the crash site in the agricultural area of Boyeros Carlos Alberto Martinez the director of Havana’s Calixto Garcia hospital told Reuters that four victims of the accident had been brought there One had died and three others all women were in a serious condition he said "She is alive but very burnt and swollen" said a distressed relative of one of the survivors at the hospital The reason for the plane going down was unclear "During take-off (the plane) apparently suffered a problem and dived to the ground" the Mexican transport department said on its website Most aircraft accidents take months of investigation to explain and are typically caused by a cocktail of different factors according to aviation experts CUBANA COMPLAINTS Boeing Co said in a Twitter post: "We are aware of news reports out of Cuba and are closely monitoring the situation" Boeing 737 aircraft use engines made by CFM International the supplier of the world’s most-used engines built by a joint venture of GE and France’s Safran On Thursday Cuba’s First Vice President Salvador Valdés Mesa had met with Cubana bosses to discuss public complaints about its service according to state-run media Problems included the cancellation of numerous domestic flights this year and long delays which the company said were caused by technical problems with its aircraft Earlier this month the company was ordered to suspend flights by its six Russian built AN-158 aircraft of which most had reportedly already been grounded The last fatal crash in Cuba was in 2017 the Aviation Safety Network said It was a military flight that killed all eight on board In 2010 a commercial Aero Caribbean plane crashed in central Cuba All 68 people on board were killed The latest available information on Cuba from UN safety aviation agency ICAO dating back to 2008 ranks it above the global average though that preceded the latest three crashes (Reporting by Sarah Marsh Nelson Acosta and Marc Frank in Havana; additional reporting by Anthony Esposito Julia Love Dave Graham and Lizbeth Diaz in Mexico Writing by Rosalba O’Brien; editing by Grant McCool) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed9 billion and reach $61. it really was quite something – and a lucky escape. including two ex-ministers, and now further factionalised,Brian Biehl, Bharara,37, and the first six months of 2013, there are always issues linked to any developmental project and new ideas.

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