Android Developers Worried About Fragmentation

first_imgIn the war between iOS and Android, Apple has repeated three words over and over again: “fragmentation, fragmentation, fragmentation.” The threat of fragmentation is certainly a big point in favor of Apple’s limited device strategy. And, at least to some degree, the company has been vindicated. Things over on the Android side are a bit of a mess these days, as a new survey of Android developers can attest.The William Powers study spoke to 250 develops and found that the majority are worried about Android fragmentation. Thirty-three percent of those surveyed considered fragmentation a “meaningful problem” and 24 percent consider it a “huge problem.” “Somewhat of a problem” and simply “a problem” are at 13 and 17 percent, respectively. We’ve certainly see the issue manifest itself from a user’s perspective, with applications proving more buggy on different devices and manufacturers rolling out OS updates at their own staggered paces.The survey also found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that developers find both iOS and BlackBerry easier to develop for than Android.last_img read more

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