Oxlove to sell stash

first_imgThe Facebook crushes page ‘Oxlove’ is preparing to launch a line of merchandise.The admins of Oxlove, who also administrate the confessions page ‘Oxfess’, are intending to release hoodies and t-shirts in the near future.“The hoodie will have an Oxlove logo with an optional slogan of ‘send me an Oxlove’” the administrator told Cherwell. “We might run a competition to come up with some nice texts.”Oxlove and Oxfess are staples of the online Oxford community. They both receive between 150 and 200 submissions per day and have a post reach of between 100,000 and 200,000 views per week.Oxlove claims this is more than Versa and the Oxford Student combined.The Administrator, who would like to remain anonymous, was optimistic about sales prospects: “The people we chatted to about this thought it was a great idea. It’d just be great to wear ironically.”One first year chemist was less enthusiastic about the idea: “It’s unnecessary. And also a waste of resources.“Oxlove is a trend that’ll soon be forgotten. I wouldn’t buy any.”A candidate for the Oxford Union Standing Committee, Maxim Parr-Reid, mentioned that he “owns Hassan’s stash” under the manifesto heading of “dedication.”He told Cherwell: “I’d say in relation to Oxlove stash, that more stash can only be a good thing – spread the love.”A first year Magdalen student, Nick Brown, who reportedly has 22 oxloves to date, told Cherwell:“Stash is cool and all that but it only works when it’s good stash – I can never wear my Union stash around college, for example.“If I were a blue I would wear my stash every day but I’m just not sure Oxlove stash would be worth it, especially since everybody thinks I wrote my own Oxloves.“It would just be embarrassing to be honest.”A Corpus Christi fresher, George Taylor, told Cherwell: “The Oxlove stash excites me because it shows my appreciation for an Oxford institution, and connects me to it.“Knowing which people enjoy the page, evidenced with them wearing the stash, should make it easier for them to connect via the page, which is after all the point of Oxlove.”Oxlove will join other staple Oxford institutions such as Ahmed’s and Hassan’s Kebab Vans in selling hoodies.last_img read more

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