Chimu Adventures celebrates one MAD decade

first_imgLatin America and Antarctica specialists, Chimu Adventures, celebrated a successful ten years last week at Sydney’s spectacular Aqua Dining venue in Milson’s Point, with a fun filled night of Latin American inspired canapés, Chilean wine and piñatas.Starting in 2004, during a time when the travel industry, and global economy in general, was experiencing significant challenges, Chimu Adventures founders Greg Carter and Chad Carey knew that setting up a travel business would be no easy feat.Despite the challenges of the DIY internet era, their determination and passion for introducing a new model to the industry, one that was driven by knowledgeable, expert staff in offering travellers a truly connective and authentic experience with the cultures and communities they visited, prevailed against all odds.“You can spend a week on the internet researching what our consultant can tell you in ten minutes, they know because they have spent years researching the same, experiencing it firsthand, living there and trying and testing all avenues of approach to each location,” Chimu Adventures co-director and founder, Chad Carey said.“On this time poor planet, we know that this is a service that will always be in demand no matter what technology is available.”Moreover, their dedication to customer needs while at the same time encouraging travellers to expand their horizons further afield coupled with giving back to the communities they visited, quickly proved to be a winning formula, rising to be a model of sustainability and enjoyment.“Our model morphed seamlessly into tailoring the output of our services to benefit not only those who were travelling with us, but the local communities who were welcoming our travellers and we thrive on making a difference to everyone we connect with and for this reason we choose to work with locally owned hotels and operators, therefore directly benefiting the communities they reside in,” Chimu Adventures co-director and founder, Greg Carter said.Since those early days of running an office out of a lounge room in London, Chimu Adventures has steadily and successfully grown to seven offices in five countries, operating more than 350 tours in 17 countries, and more recently, opening its first hotel in Cusco, Peru.Living by its simple philosophy to “use specialised knowledge to work with clients, accommodating their individual needs, at reasonable prices,” has seen Chimu Adventures take more than 15,000 travellers to Latin America and Antarctica, make 568 projects possible through micro-financing, support a number of charities and communities and become a finalist in several business awards.“Its no ordinary birthday celebration when you look back and realise that not only has your company survived, but thrived through the global financial crisis, growing on average 40 – 100 percent per year, through an era that saw many travel companies shrink or crumble under the weight of fiscal pressure, and we’re incredibly proud that we have been able to give back to the greater community at the same time,” Mr Carter said. Source = ETB News: Lana Bogunovichlast_img read more

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