Young Jamaican scientist develops ground-breaking diabetes medicine

first_imgDr Denice Daly Scientist, Dr. Denise Daly, has used her passion for plants to develop a line of nutraceuticals to be used in the treatment of diabetes.Through her research on the eucalyptus plant, she has created food items and supplements, which will assist thousands of Jamaicans suffering from the chronic condition.These include cooking oil, teas, margarine, and supplements, including Tincture.For her innovation, Dr. Daley was named the 2016 Young Scientist of the Year at the National Science and Technology Awards held last November.Dr Daley formulated and did product development for functional foods and nutraceuticals from the compounds that were isolated from the eucalyptus plant. In 2012, she won Innovator of the Year for the extracted compounds.The compounds are now patented.“We wanted to make them more available to Jamaicans who have diabetes and hypertensio,” she said.Dr Daley is now looking at local manufacturers to start producing the medicine on a large scale, after which she will begin marketing and distribution.“My grandmother has diabetes, so that was part of the drive, as well, to get stuff done, to find out more about folklore plants that are used for diabetes,” she added.Dr. Daley currently does the oil blends for her grandmother, as well as some of the teas and the margarine, which she makes at home.She recommends that persons with diabetes use natural products to assist in normalising the blood sugar. She, however, promotes integrated medicine, that is using natural items along with traditional medication.In addition to diabetes products, Dr. Daley has also developed a line of natural skincare and hair care products, infused with essential oils and herbs. The products, under the brand Nasore, include handmade soaps, hair and body oils as well as lip balms.“It was originally a hobby, which I started to share with friends, which eventually became a business. Each soap has a different character and is infused with natural herbs and essential oils such as moringa, neem, tea tree oil, grape seed oil, turmeric, flax seed and coconut cream,” she shares.The products are ideal for the treatment of eczema and acne, skin hydration, exfoliation, relaxation, and evening the tone and improving elasticity.last_img read more

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