Solar energy Morocco committed to slashing energy dependency French paper

Paris- Morocco, which banks on its incredible sunshine, is committed to an ambitious plan to reduce its energy dependency, wrote French paper “Libération” in an article entitle “Ouarzazate, solar energy at its height”.The city of Ouarzazate will host one of the leading solar plants in the world – the most important in Africa-, said the daily, noting that the solar plan, which Morocco made a top priority and which is conducted by the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (Masen), lays provisions for getting 2,000 megawatts, in five sites, by 2020 for an amount of 9 bln dollars (6.5 bln euros) to provide 14% of the country’s energy needs.The article said that the solar plan is starting to take concrete substance in Ouarzazate with a huge complex including four plants for a total output of 500 MW, recalling that the construction of the first “Noor 1”, as well as its exploitation for 25 years, was given to Saudi Acwa Power, part of a consortium of Spanish companies. It also noted that the site benefits from the nearness of the Mansour Addahbi dam which ensures water supply for the functioning of turbines, adding that Noor 1, worth 600 mln euros for 160 MW over 450 hectares, will start injecting its kilowatt-hours in the Moroccan power network in August 2015. read more

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