Ticats stadium wont be ready

(Update)The Hamilton Tiger-Cats first two games at Tim Hortons Field have been cancelled because of ongoing construction delays. In a news release late Monday afternoon — the city of Hamilton says the decision was made after an afternoon meeting. The news doesn’t come as a shock to many who have watched the progress at the stadium. But now the team has to figure out what it will do for fans for at least two games.Les Prince Field at McMaster’s Ron Joyce Stadium will be the new location for the first two games.A statement from the city says they will review the status at the end of July and provide an update at that time. They say the field is 85% ready.So there’s no guarantee that the home game on August 16th will be played at the new field. After that, you’re looking at the Labour Day classic which is always a sell-out or close to it. The builders say they are adamant that the field will be ready for the Labour Day Classic.Tiger-Cats CEO Scott Mitchell: “Well, I think they said sometime ago they were not going to meet substantial completion. But they were adamant that there could be a temporary occupancy solution that would see us play inside the stadium. But, I think it became clear that that kind of experience for us and the city just wasn’t going to be feasible and tenable. So it’s back to focusing on, hey substantial completion and living up to your obligations for the contract and they’re adamant that they’ll be able to do that and have us in there no later than labour day. (When will we know that?) Well, that’s something you’re going to have to ask Infrastructure Ontario.”There have been discussions that, in order to try and make it fair for season ticket holders, the team will have to divide the games up for season ticket holders since there are only 6,000 seats at Ron Joyce Stadium. read more

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