People are now paying to have snakes slither all over their body

first_imgSpeaking to AFP,  Paulus Abraham of the Bali Heritage Spa said people are travelling from all over the world just to experience the snake massage.Of the treatment, he said:We want the people to try to experience the adrenaline that comes out from their fear…Riiiight, adrenaline.  Of course!Will you be travelling to Bali to experience a snake massage?  We’re going to give it a miss for the moment.Via AFPLet’s all take a moment to be grateful that there are no snakes in Ireland>Oh, just a huge snake OPENING A DOOR> SOMETIMES WHEN YOU’RE stressed out, all you want is a massage.  Something to relax you, remove the tension from your back and send you out into the world a peaceful, happy person.It may come as a surprise to you, so, to learn that the latest spa craze in Indonesia is a snake massage.  As in lying down virtually unclothed as giant snakes slither all over you.Don’t worry, their mouths are taped shut so you can totally relax as their reptilian skin slithers against yours.  Heh heh…heh… *shudder*last_img read more

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